Welcome to Glad Tidings Bible College

Welcome to GTBC a college with a Christian touch geared towards producing credible, informed and mentored servants of God.
Started in the early part of 1960s by missionaries of The Gospel Mission to Uganda our purpose is to serve this generation and give them the best possible training and mentoring so that they are well equipped for God’s purpose.
The college provides a conducive atmosphere which fosters spiritual growth with a focus on service to God, the church and society.
As you consider Gods calling on your life we invite you to visit our offices and see if Glad Tidings might just be place for you

We desire each student to develop

A vibrant, growing relationship with God

A sound evangelical theological foundation, based on understanding of the historical background and con text of the Bible, proper methodology of Biblical interpretation and sensibility to the Holy Spirit.

An intelligent commitment to sacrificially serve God and the church according to the gifts God has given....