Procedure for applying for Credit Transfer

Glad Tidings Bible College will only accept credits where we have received a student transcript directly from the institution, which is an original and is signed by the registrar and stamped.
1. While enrolling for an award a student should indicate on the form his/her intention to transfer credits.

2. Applying students should ask their previous institutions to send an official transcript directly to the Bible College.

3. When we receive the transcripts they will be evaluated. An official letter will be issued to the students clearly stating what credits and courses have been awarded you. This is also put in your file as a record.

4. The process of transferring credits must be completed within the first 3 months of your beginning courses. You cannot apply for credit transfer after this.

G.T.B.C’s policies for evaluation of credits from other institutions

A. Waiver of English requirements by transfer of UNEB credits.
A student may apply for a waiver of GTBC’s English II and III course requirements, if the student can provide original documentation showing that he/she has earned any of the following or its equivalent:

1. A PASS (P 7 or 8), CREDIT (3 to 6) or DISTINCTION (grad or 2) in English Language at Senior 4 (O’ Level).
2. A PASS-WITH-PRINCIPLE in English Literature at senior 6 (A’ Level).
3. A Degree from a recognized University.
This waiver is available strictly if a student produces original certificates or other academic papers. No photocopies will be accepted. If the waiver is granted by the Academic Dean, the student’s transcript will be updated to show a transfer of six credits from UNEB.

B. Credits earned in a Certificate-level institution

For transferring credits from certificate-level institutions, GTBC accepts credits under the following conditions.

1. Certificate-level transfer credits will be accepted by GTBC as elective courses only. No certificate-level credits may substitute for any of the required courses of GTBC.
2. Credits earned on a Pass/Fail basis may only be transferred if the issuing institution provides documentation which states that the Pass grade is equivalent to a “B” or better.
3. If the credits were earned at an accredited institution, GTBC will accept them at full value. However, if GTBC has an academic articulation agreement with the institution, the credits will be transferred in accordance with the agreement.

C. Credits earned in a Diploma level institution

The acceptance of such credit, however, is limited to courses which are related to Theology or Church Ministry. Credit earned in vocational and technical courses are not transferable, unless the equivalent of such courses is offered at Glad Tidings Bible College. Supporting documentation will be required by the Academic Dean to facilitate the transfer of credits. Credits are not necessarily transferred to GTBC at the same ratio they were earned. Diplomas obtained in other languages are accepted by GTBC as long as a comparable grading system can be established.

Diploma level schools are evaluated by considering the following:
1. Earned course grade must be D or better.
2. Classroom hours
3. Course syllabus or course description and /or coursenotes.
4. Method of examination/assessment used
5. Language used for instruction.
6. Qualifications of instructors.
Diploma -level credits earned in courses similar to GTBC required diploma courses may have to be earned again at GTBC, if the theological stance of the transferring institution is significantly different from that of GTBC.

D. Transient Credit from other Institutions

A continuing student at the college may apply for permission to take courses at another regionally accredited institution. Written permission, however, must be secured from the Academic Dean.